Firewood Stirling


Hardwood, softwood & wood chips

If you are looking to buy firewood at great prices, Treescapes Scotland can help. We supply hardwood seasoned logs and pride ourselves on producing quality firewood that has many uses, including making carbon neutral fuel. Treescapes Scotland can offer you great value in our seasoned firewood. With the option of supplying softwood mixed with hardwood for a more cost effective solution.

We also sell wood chips which have many practical uses such as fertiliser or for controlling weeds. Wood chips are also popular for making attractive pathways or as decorative landscaping in your garden. Call us for pricing details on our wood chips.


Tips for buying firewood:

Firewood is rated as hardwood or softwood. Hardwoods tend to give more heat and less smoke in a long, hot burn; which equates to less creosote, the culprit that can cause many chimney fires. Softwoods may be more suitable if you don’t mind cutting firewood and loading up your wood burner, or just want to warm your home quickly.


 How we grade our logs:

Hardwood & Softwood mix : Contains softwoods fast burning, spits NOT suitable for open fires. Also contains hardwoods medium to slow burning, good heat, may spit so NOT suitable for open fires. Hardwoods: Medium to high heat, slow burning, non-spitting and is suitable for all fires.

Hardwood & Softwood Mix (Wood Burners) - 1 Cubic Meters @ £75 per CM

Hardwood - 1 Cubic Meters @ £85 per CM

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